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After 4 years as teammates we knew each other, but it wasn’t until we spent a Christmas together that we realized we make a super strong team.  We have a lot of fun with each other too.  It didn’t take long for us to know that our bond was for real.  We celebrated our commitment to each other with a beautiful mountainside wedding in Washington in May of 2011.   Spring was busy and we bought our first house in North Minneapolis, an awesome little bungalow for the unbelievable bargain of $25,500.  The house is perfect for our us and our 2014 Olympic bid.  Our home is a fantastic training base, located just 200m off of the ski and bike trails of 700 acre Theodore Wirth Park.  The house required a little bit of work at first but now we have a beautiful home base of operation for our training and traveling.  Additionally we both work with the under privileged youth of North Minneapolis.  It means a lot to us and the kids that we all live and are a part of the same community.  We are very fortunate that we get to share our passion and love of skiing together.  As ski racers we spend over 180 days on the road at training camps and racing, we are lucky enough to get to spend that time together.  We can share our knowledge and experience to become better athletes, coaches, mentors, and people.

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