Caitlin Gregg Ruka

“Infinit has changed the way that I look at sports nutrition.  It is awesome to be able to customize my sports drink to my specific electrolyte and caloric needs.  Repair or Mud has become a staple to almost every workout.  Mixing up some repair is quick and easy and makes sure that my recovery is spot on.  I have even found that with the increased protein consumption my body weight is down a few pounds" -Brian Gregg


“TRIPWIRE and MUD are my favorites.  The caffine and electrolytes in Tripwire get me ready to blast of the start line and I look forward to MUD and refueling as soon as I cross the finish line.  I have shared my custom birkie winning formula of INFINIT, if you want to give it a try (Click Here’).  " -Caitlin Gregg

Easy recovery ski

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