As constant students of the sport we are always looking for ways to improve and become more efficient.  We spend a lot of time analyzing and discussing biomechanics, technique, exercise physiology, and everything skiing.  We enjoy sharing our knowledge, passion and expertise with others.




We will come to your Hometown and Club for a weekend of intensive technique and training.  This is a great way to introduce new ideas and life into your workout group.  Our typical format includes morning and afternoon training sessions with video analysis in the evening.  Areas of focus are customizable and include: classic technique, skate technique, roller-sking, ski-walking, strength, and plyometrics. We have had really great clinics in Rochester, MN; Hayward, WI; Winthrop, WA; Aspen, CO and Chicago, IL




Blood lactate is an unbiased way to measure intensity and is a proven method for determining individual training zones.  Almost all of our intensity sessions include lactate testing.  Make sure you are training at the optimal intensities to meet your goals.  We can also be available to test you during your workout.



Working one on one is the best way to improve.  We will identify areas that can become more efficient and focus on those using several learning methods.  We will shadow each-other attempting to give the brain instant continuous feedback on strengths and weaknesses.  All private lessons include on the fly video analysis using UberSense Software.  You will be able to watch your movement patterns in slow motion, side by side and overlayed allowing you to actually see the changes made in technique.




Get a group of friends together and help each other learn.  We will use members of the group to demonstrate technique and give each person individual areas to focus on.




We have a soft spot for kids and want to be able to offer our support to any and every youth.  That being said our schedule is extremely busy and we need to be able to meet the financial obligations of our training and racing.    If you are interested in having us come to your high school send us a note so that we can look at availability.




The joy on a kids face when they glide across snow for the first time is hard to beat.  We enjoy helping kids find the joy in exercise and and a healthy lifestyle through fun and games.  Send us a note so we can work on setting up some time to play with a group of kids you know.


Easy recovery ski

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